Sunday, March 7, 2010

Why not do 100 burpees?

First I want to give a shout out to Amanda Vaughan and Amie Mccoy for accomplishing their goal of a sub 2 hour 10 minute half marathon time, I think they finished around 2:07 or 2:08, awesome job ladies! And a huge shout out to the rest of our clients for running an amazing race today!

We have been sponsors for the Armadillo Dash for 4 years now, ever since the race started in 2007. I ran the half marathon the first year, 5k the 2nd, was in Vegas getting married on the 3rd and this year I ran the 5k. I wanted to try and stay with Daren today but he was cruising, he finished 2nd place overall and 1st place in our age group with a time of 19:23! Way to go D! I finished 9th overall and 4th in our age group with a time of 20:48. Then....I did 100 burpees! I have given the W.O.D. of 100 burpees for time the name "Daren". Daren was the first person to introduce the WOD of 100 burpees to me, he is also the first person that I know personally who has done it. He did it a few months ago and finished in 7:03, therefor, I think he deserves to have it named after him.
Here are some stats and pictures for today:

warm up-
-jog to the start line about 800m b/c I was running late due to traffic
-modified circuit

5k run
Time: 20:48
Pace: 6:40 min/mile
Calories: 508

"Daren" - 100 burpees for time:
Time 11:11

Combined 5k plus 100 Burpees:
Time: 31:59

Pictures compliments of Justin Whitworth's iphone. Great run Justin!

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