Sunday, March 14, 2010

Second Goal Accomplished

Wow....what a weekend. This weekend I traveled to Austin, TX to compete in the Central and Southern Texas CrossFit Sectionals Competition. The event was awesome, the workouts were brutal and the support I had out there was incredible.

It was so great to have my wife Alicia, Daren, his wife Kristen, JoAnna, Zach (who competed and did awesome), Carol and her husband, my friend in Austin Blake and my puppy Peanut Butter to cheer me on. I needed to place in the top 30 to advance to the South Central Regionals competition which will take place on May 29th in Fort Worth.

Here are my times/stats on each workout:

WOD #1 -

2k Row - 7:18
Max Reps 275# Deadlift without letting go of the bar - 18 reps
Place - 11th

WOD #2 -

3 rounds of:
4 reps "Head to Ground" Handstand Push ups
8 reps "Any way overhead" 135# Barbell
12 Burpees
My Time - 11:16
Place - 71st

WOD #3 -

For time:
15 Thrusters 115#
Run 100 feet
50 One-Arm Kettlebell Snatches 53#
Run 100 feet
100 Double Unders
Run 100 feet back to kettlebell station
50 Kettlebell Swings 53#
Farmer Walk with kettlebell 100 feet, back to barbell station
15 Barbell Squat Snatch 115#
My Time: 13:51
Place - 18th

This resulted in me being 27th place and earning a spot at the Regionals competition, wow....I am still amazed! Thanks to Daren's advice in WOD #2 I was able to finish the workout. There were quite a few of the guys and a big part of the women who did not finish WOD #2 because they could not do the handstand push ups. Daren told me to do split jerks instead of push press which totally helped my shoulders get the handstand push ups because the split jerk uses more legs. That final handstand on that 3rd round was one of the hardest reps I have ever had to do. I probably had 4-5 failed reps before I finally got the last one.

I know there were prayers out there for me all weekend and I appreciate them all, this weekend was a blessing. I am honored to represent our box at regionals. Here's a group pic of the 30 athletes who are advancing to regionals from our section:

I have 11 weeks until the regionals competition, I am going to train like never before, I know what I need to work on. Setting this goal 2 months ago has really motivated me, just like the goal to run the hour forty five half marathon did. This week I am going to think of my next goal of 2010 and I will post it later this week. Remember to set goals! Tell someone your goals and have them hold you to them. You can do anything you put your mind to!

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