Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Team WOD at Body Lab

I went over to Body Lab today in Bryan and got in a great team wod with Matt Murski and Will. Here's the wod -


As a team of 3, complete the following:

10 tons overhead
300 pull ups

10 tons overhead means we had to do 20,000 pounds of overhead squats, we decided to go with 100 pounds and do 200 reps, so we went in the following order:

1. Will
2. Charlie
3. Matt

And we did as many overhead squats as possible then pull ups and back and forth until both were done. Only one person was lifting at a time so two were resting. It was a great workout, thanks for having us over Matt!

6pm - went over to BV Gymnastics and worked on muscle ups with coach Jim.

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