Friday, March 5, 2010

Row.....Dot Com

Daren always seems to talk me into these killer rowing workouts...


warm up
-2 min row

W.O.D. - 2K row, rest 2 min, 1K row, rest 1 min, 500m row, rest 1 min, 250m row

2000m row
Charlie - 7:23.5 Daren - 7:11.5
1000m row
Charlie - 3:26.1 Daren - 3:33.2
500m row
Charlie - 1:39.8 Daren - 1:43.7
250m row
Charlie - 45.8 Daren - 47.4

This was brutal, my legs were shot. I really like training with Daren because it makes me push so much harder than I would on my own. Sunday we're going to run the Armadillo Dash together, it's going to be tough to keep up with him but I am going to try. I am trying to convince Daren to do 100 burpees immediately after the 5k with me and the person who finishes the 5k plus the 100 burpees is the true winner of the race. He is a little hesitant but if enough of you post on his blog I bet he will do it.

We had a trainer meeting last week and talked about doing a TWC Team workout every Friday, today was the first one. Adam, Amy and me hit up the WOD.


TWC Trainer W.O.D. -
225# Deadlift
135# Overhead Squat

Time: 9:29

This was tough, I loved it! You have to be strict on technique or else you'll throw your back out. I feel like the overhead squat is such an awesome core exercise.

Very soon we will have a TWC Trainer blog, hear from all the TWC trainers about our amazing clients and much more!

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