Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Run, Row and hopefully a Muscle Up!

9am - run

4.3 miles
8 min/mile pace
829 calories

Really humid! I was going for an 8 min. mile and I kept that pace, felt really good!

2pm - 3k row with Daren

Time - 10:57.5

This was killer, I was going for an 11 min row time and I barely made it, rowing with Daren helped a ton! My legs were gassed!

6pm - Muscle Up training with Coach Jim at Brazos Valley Gymnastics next door to the studio.

I GOT MY FIRST MUSCLE UP!!! After 2 failed attempts I got my first one! I was sooooo excited, I tried another one and didn't get it but then I tried one more and got it! So two muscle ups today! HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT FOR ME!

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