Friday, April 9, 2010

Rest Day....seriously

I went back and forth all day yesterday and especially this morning on whether or not I should take an actual rest day. I finally decided I am going to. This is hard for me, it's like putting your dog in a kennel for 24 hours, all I want to do is get out and move! I think I need one though, I have not taken a 100% rest day since the Monday after the sectionals competition, March 15. I also think it will help with my performance tomorrow at the Dansby Duo. Daren and I are competition in a team duathlon tomorrow morning at Lake Bryan. I am running and he is biking. Last year we placed 2nd in our age group so we have to go back and see how we stack up against the competition this year. I think the plan is to do some heavy deadlifts after the 2nd run with Zach, Kirk "the electrician", Caleb and Will. Of course this is not part of the race but we thought we would throw it in to make it more fun :-)

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