Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mucho Pain

Daren had me doing a wod this morning that tested me mentally, he wanted unbroken sets (oh, and if you want to checkout Daren's blog he is finally posting again :-)

9am WOD -

warm up
-ghd sit ups
-some cleans

10 Ring Dips/ 1 Power Clean 165#
9 Ring Dips/ 2 Power Cleans 165#
8 Ring Dips/ 3 Power Cleans 165#
you know how this goes....
1 Ring Dip/ 10 Power Cleans 165#

Time: 14:40

I managed to get these all unbroken but it was really tough on sets 9 and 10 or cleans...ouch! My arms could not straighten out for an hour, seriously.

I'm hitting up the 4pm CSCF class, looking forward to it!

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