Tuesday, December 8, 2009

CrossFit - What it has done for me

I figured I would share with everyone what CrossFit has done for me personally and professionally. I have been working out now for 10 years, this is consistently and not because someone is making me. I could say 15 years and count all of those workouts during high school football but I would be lying if I said it was my choice to work out and I enjoyed that part of the sport. All I really liked about football was the games, not the running, off-season workouts and especially not the practice. This is probably why I never played beyond highschool.

I heard about CrossFit in the Fall/Spring of 2007/2008. I was not 100% sure what it was but thought it would be an interesting program to look into. I had a friend (Spencer Nix) that was going to a CrossFit Level 1 Certification course in Allen, Texas in May of 2008 so I decided to sign up and go as well. The course was on a Saturday and Sunday, they crammed a lot of information in two days but I left with a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT perspective on working out and a NEW PASSION for fitness. CrossFit reinspired me as a trainer and an athlete.

When I say the word "athlete" you might wonder if I play a sport. My sport is working out, and CrossFit injected me with exactly what I needed to play that sport for the rest of my life. I used to be your typical "gym rat", I did bodypart training in the gym, would superset chest with back, biceps with triceps, quads with hams.....you know what I mean. You might be one of those people, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that kind of training. I am a fan of fitness, so if someone is working out, getting stronger and challenging their heart aerobically - that is great. HOWEVER, for me, I feel that exercise only lasts if you are doing something you enjoy. And remember, I want to be playing that sport for my entire life, so I feel that CrossFit is a program that has captured my attention and kept me excited about the next workout.

I also feel that CrossFit is the best strength and conditioning program for the endurance athlete - triathlete, runner, swimmer, cyclist, etc. I have participated in marathons and a half ironman and feel that my CrossFit training has allowed me to maintain my strength and muscular endurance during each of these different types of events. I am not saying that if your goal is to complete a marathon to only do CrossFit, you must run, but I am saying that CrossFit is going to benefit you much more than the circuit workouts you will find online for runners.

To sum up what I have said, I am very thankful to CrossFit for what it has done for me. I am so happy to share it with new clients, my family and friends. I am shocked to say this but my dad is actually about to start at CrossFit Champions in Houston - I am so excited for him!

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